Creating Connections by Matching Grad Students with Grad Programs

Finding and applying to the right grad school program can be a daunting task. This innovative website gives students the tools to find the ideal program and helps institutions to recruit qualified students.

About Us

As part of the ETS family, is backed by over 70 years of changing people’s lives through the power of learning. One of the largest and oldest nonprofit educational organizations, ETS acquired to:

  • give students all the necessary tools to find the ideal program for their needs
  • allow institutions to recruit qualified students to their specific programs
  • champion increased graduate school opportunities between students and institutions
  • promote learning, diversity and equity in the world of higher education

We are here to help ensure that each student’s grad school journey is a positive and enriching one every step of the way.


Supporting You on Your Unique Journey

What is grad school? This may seem like a silly question, especially if you’re already here to find a program. But grad school looks different to different people. Perhaps you’re an undergrad student who wants to jump right into grad school after graduation. Perhaps you’ve been in the workforce for a while and think grad school may advance your career. Or perhaps you’re just tired of your current career and are thinking about getting a graduate degree to switch careers entirely.

Wherever you fall in the grad school experience, is here to help you find the perfect program for your personal situation and to allow programs to find you. We’re here for you at the beginning of your process, and we’ll continue to support you throughout your journey.


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