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The GradSchoolMatch™ platform makes the graduate school search and application process easier. Just take a few moments to tell us a little about you and your objectives, then our matching methodology creates a customized program list.

Tools for Your Graduate Journey

Once you've created your personalized account, you'll have access to these innovative tools designed to organize and enhance your search process.

Find a Program


Match and connect with programs through our unique mutual Bookmarking feature. Show your interest in a program by Bookmarking it. When a program Bookmarks you in return, you have a match and recruiters can reach out to you.

360 Evaluation

See how competitive you're with admissions committees. This self-evaluation feature further tailors your profile for better insight into the best programs for you.

Organize Your Admissions Process

Your Timeline

This customized tool projects a personalized timeline based on your planned start date. This helps you organize tasks and stay on track.

Your Hub

This personalized dashboard contains everything you need to manage your matches and messages, make personal notes about your process, and track your grad school journey.

Essay/Interview Prep

Present your best self to admissions committees. This tool provides insider advice and exercises that will teach you how to stand out from the competition.

Decide on a Program with These Innovative Tools

Decision Matrix

Customize program rankings based on your priorities so your matches best reflect your personal preferences.

Loan Calculator

Project your total borrowing costs before you apply to figure out what you can afford or how much you would need to borrow.

Program Rater

Rank your Bookmarked programs to narrow your options and make a decision based on personalized metrics.

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